Opportunities – so what we, young people, can receive from European Union?

Anita Weprzędz

You should learn and work hard, in order to gain your goals – that’s what our parents used to tell us. Now, thanks to European Union, the youth have a lot of opportunities to get specific knowledge and achieve all they ever want. Generally, Member States are responsible for educational system but European Union plays supporting role in that field. According to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, community „shall contribute to the development of quality education by encouraging cooperation between Member States, through actions such as promoting the mobility of citizens, designing joint study programmes, establishing networks, exchanging information or teaching languages of the European Union.” Androulla Vassiliou, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth said that:

„Investment in education and training is crucial for boosting young people’s personal development and job prospects.”

Source: ec.europa.eu/iStock. ©Christopher Futcher

Source: ec.europa.eu/iStock. ©Christopher Futcher


Key role of education

Sometimes I think that politics change our perspectives. Modern society continuously need to introduce innovations, to be updated with new knowledge. Additionally, we are constantly surrounded by media coverages (people follow the news and base their knowledge on that information) . We are engaged in bigger amount of projects and in social life – thank you Mark Zuckerberg, for facebook :-). Because of that „wind of change” we can do more, but we also come across some problems like for example – gaining university degree no longer guarantees your employment. European Union faced that problem a little bit earlier than Poland and has decided to help us improve our lives. It gives the youth an opportunity to find the key to their future, by introducing different programmes and one of them is Erasmus +.

Old truth – money helps

Erasmus + is a continuing project of the first European Union programme Erasmus and since 1987 more than 3 million students have benefited from it. New program has significantly increased EU fundings and it aims to support another 4 million students. In the time of 6 years (2014-2020) EU wants to spend 14,7 billion euros in order to increase opportunities for cooperation between institutions of education as well as between the worlds of education and work. Surprising is amount of strategic partnerships – around 25 thousands – which links together 125 thousands schools, vocational education and training institutions, higher and adult education institutions, youth organizations and enterprises. It was build on a framework set in the Europe 2020 strategy. „Highlighting the importance of addressing the contemporary socio-economic challenges in Europe by strengthening the education and youth systems and promoting life-long learning.”

Gaining skills our way to solve all up

Providing possibilities which helps EU citizens get right skills to be competitive in the labor market not only results in economic boom but it may lead to better social integration. Education is not only  about learning form textbooks, but also about lessons of life. Joining Erasmus + is one of those lessons.