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#EUelections2019 : a diverse European Parliament
Irish people vote for the legalisation of abortion
Conscription in the European Union
Brexit: a summary of the situation (Part 2)
Brexit: a summary of the situation (Part 1)
A brief insight into Euromyths
The Rule of Law recommendation addressed to Poland
EU’s way of combating hate speech online
EU-China friendship
EU and the Turkish case
Substance of the Venice Commission
Multilingual Europe
The Incessant Spanish Political Crisis
Commission starts rule of law debate
Blue or White-Red?
Polish Parliamentary Elections seen through Western European Countries’ Eyes
Poland vs European Union
The role of „soft power” in shaping EU’s external image
Cultural dimension of the European integration
Donald Tusk – 11 months in office
Discovering the Universe
Fighting a losing battle or taking a long view? – The Migration issue and what we can do
European Youth Guarantee – a solution to counter youth unemployment?
Digital Single Market – dream that may come true
ECJ: no legal basis for biometric data in ID cards
Let’s celebrate!
10 years of FRONTEX in the Schengen area
The beginning of the end for roaming
The future of personal data protection in the EU – should we be afraid of it?
I am the European Ombudsman – how can I help?
European Commission at work
Obese means disabled?
Eastern Partnership – the past and the present
Sky under control
The EU accession to the European Convention on Human Rights – one step back
Welcome to Eurozone, Lithuania!
Opportunities – so what we, young people, can receive from European Union?
Ukraine: At the beginning of a long journey
Donald Tusk: Quick look on the new EU leader
ECJ about ‘benefit tourism’. Historical ruling?
Foreign Policy of the EU – who’s in charge?
The European Council in brief
Scotland decides
EU top jobs- taken!
Be creative with European Union!
High Level EU Meeting – supporting Ukrainian reforms
EU documents access- finally real thing?
‘Right to be forgotten’ – Google case
In view of May elections: European Parliament explained
Ten years like one day
Celebration of 10 years membership in the European Union
From the Energy Union, to (possibly) better Europe?
Say goodbye to roaming
Greatness of a tiny Europe
From the Lisbon Strategy to Europe 2020
Ukraine – from temporary success to further tensions
Roots of primacy of the EU law over the laws of Member States
Bulgaria: towards the better?
A successful euro changeover in Latvia
EU Funds – how, for what, for whom?
EU and the film industry
Member State not obedient to EU law? – a few words about financial sanctions
What is the European Social Fund?
Dublin II Regulation, readmission and human rights protection – M.S.S. vs Belgium and Greece
Great Britain in mourning – who was Margaret Thatcher?
The EU Emissions Trading System- the climate goals vs. competitiveness
Regulation of electronic cigarettes at the European level
Member States dilemma – EU policies and national projections
JOB FAIRS: deceptive and false hopes or a real chance to find a job?
Why Poles do not want to be in euro zone?
11 March 2013: The Day of Smiling Rabbits
Challenges of further enlargement in front of the European Union
Women’s sexual exploitation in the Syrian civil war
Relationship between Poland and Germany – once and now
Who will be the winner? – Czech presidential election
Fighting for justice – The 11th Assembly of States Parties of the International Criminal Court
Erasmus… too young to die…
Battle for budget
Immigrants: France vs. Germany
Euro: survival or collapse
The Euro Crisis- endless story
Wearing hijab in France – what is the problem?
Muslims as voters?
NIRVA (Network Italiano Ritorno Volontario Assistito) and the programs of voluntary return for Albanians citizens
Black PR against Islam in Polish media. Is this a real threat or just another example of incompetence of polish journalists?


– Working at the United Nations ad hoc International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia – an interview with Dr Silvia D’Ascoli
– Learning about the EU from the inside: Interviews with EU trainees #3
Learning about the EU from the inside: Interviews with EU trainees #2
Learning about the EU from the inside: Interviews with EU trainees #1
Working in the Court of Justice of the European Union: An interview with Angela Rogner
“The world does not end only at what we see”: an interview with Prof. Bogusław Marek
Towards a research career? An interview with Dr Tatiana Coutto
Working in the European Commission – an interview with Jindrich Kloub
Innovations: a lesson from South Africa
Incredible Young Scientists
Coming back to the European Parliament #2
Coming back to the European Parliament #1


#EYE2018 : Participating in the European Youth Event
45th edition of the Summer School of Polish Language and Culture at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
„The future of the EU in the face of Brexit, migration crisis and the hostile policy of Russia” presentation by Jerzy Buzek
European Youth Event 2016 #2
European Youth Event 2016 #1
Personal Democracy Forum (Poland 2015) – My Country. Open. Digital. Civic
‘Sanctions and Russia’ – report and debate
Innovation Convention 2014 #Part II
Innovation Convention 2014 #Part I
European Weekend School 2012

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Next stop: John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin – European Studies! #3
Next stop: John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin – European Studies! #2
Next stop: John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin – European Studies! #1
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