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Maria Moroniak

Dutch Presidency

PM of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte (source: European Council/Flickr)

PM of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte (source: European Council/Flickr)

The Netherlands will be holding Presidency of the Council of the European Union from 1 January to 30 June 2016. What does it mean that the leader wants to put a spotlight at essentials, quality, labour market, growth, and improvement of communication between Brussels headquarters and ordinary people? Check it out here:

source: EU Watcher

Schengen zone to be suspended?

Due to massive migration there appeared voices saying European borderless union interferes in common security. Despite the internal unrest in Europe there is no approval for limiting European freedom. For more information watch the brief interview with Ben Homan, the mayor of the town of Schengen:

source: CNN

Fighting for the better future

On 12th of December a historical move towards healthier environment was made. 195 countries, including European Union member states representatives, signed a climate agreement which is supposed to limit global warming below 2 Celsius degrees. Various steps are going to be made to fulfill the commitment. Read more:

source: European Commission

Cameron’s remedy dismissed

David Cameron and Martin Schulz (source: Wigglesworth/PA)

David Cameron and Martin Schulz (source: Wigglesworth/PA)

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s idea of coping with wave of immigrants got a cool reception during the talks in Brussels. He wants Great Britain to reward legally employed immigrants with income supplements to prevent rewarding them for nothing with social benefits. What’s more, he refused coming to a compromise after being offered a plan of possible “emergency break”. Read more:

source: BBC

Royal affair

This is a landmark in modern Spain history. Its princess, the sister of King Felipe VI, was put on trial since she has been made official suspect of silent collaboration of her husband’s corruption cases. Despite the evidence, she claims of not being involved in the money laundering. To read more visit: or

source: BBC

Beware of the boss

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg announced that employers have right to read their employees’ private messages sent within working hours. The Court took care of the case when Bogdan Barbulescu, Romanian worker, sued its employer for disturbing his correspondence confidence when discovered that he uses his Yahoo Messenger for both private and business contacts. The man claims that it was made contrary to his right to respect for his private life and to his correspondence. Read more:

source: BBC

Je suis no longer Charlie

On 7th of January president François Hollande led a ceremony commemorating 17 victims of terrorist attack on French satiric magazine Charlie Hebdo from January 2015. Due to the current situation and threat of terrorism in everyday life, thousands of people were expected to come and show their disapproval for violence in Europe. In spite of the fact there were 1,5 million people marching through streets and squares in Paris shortly after the attack in 2015, very few have shown up on the brief celebration in 2016. Read more:

source: The Telegraph

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Source: UN

Source: UN

Every year 27th of January is worldwide celebrated as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day to pay tribute to all who lost their lives in this genocide. The choice of this date was not accidental. In 1945, on 27th January Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the Red Army. To get familiar with the meaning of the Remembrance Day and to listen to the testimonies of the survivors visit this site:

source: UNESCO



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