EU Careers Student Ambassador – December

Natalia Wysocka



Hi! My name is Natalia Wysocka and I have been chosen to take up the role of European Union Careers Student Ambassador, the very first one in the whole history of Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. At the beginning of academic year 2015/2016, along with students from European Studies Students’ Scientific Association. I embarked on promotion of EU institutions, internships and job opportunities. This column will be dedicated to my Ambassador’s activity. Once in a moth I will present my „diary” so you can see closer how is it to work for the EU. I am extremely enthusiastic about our further cooperation, and you?

So, in December…

9th of December

 chełmAnother great meeting with students of high school in Chełm, Poland. I ran double classes with extremely intelligent and curious youth. Some of the students even took part in national competition dedicated to the matters of European Union! I really liked what one boy said at the end: working for European Union must be a dream job. Well, indeed 😉

16th of December

16.12.2015That day I had the very last presentation in this year (2015). The meeting was provided for students of European Studies at The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. I found this session to be especially important as I had an opportunity to talk to people who, most probably, will be taking jobs connected with various aspects of European Union.

We had some technical issues but managed to discuss the most important topics anyway. It couldn’t be better!


Gentle reminder: You can apply for 5-months INTERNSHIP in European Commission.

Deadline: 29.01.2016

Face a bigger challenge!

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Natalia Wysocka

John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin



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