EU Careers Student Ambassador – November

Natalia Wysocka


Hi! My name is Natalia Wysocka and I have been chosen to take up the role of European Union Careers Student Ambassador, the very first one in the whole history of Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. At the begining of academic year 2015/2016, along with students from European Studies Students’ Scientific Association. I embarked on promotion of EU institutions, internships and job opportunities. This column will be dedicated to my Ambassador’s activity. Once in a moth I will present my „diary” so you can see closer how is it to work for the EU. I am extremely enthusiastic about our further cooperation, and you?

So, in November…

5th of November

My radio interview in Polskie Radio Lublin where I presented EU Careers Student Ambassador program and EPSO as well. If you wish to listen to it, here is the link.

I hope you will enjoy it! 🙂

17th of November

kołątaj2Along with representative of Regional Centre of International Debate, we had a great meeting with students of Hugo Kolataj’s high school in Lublin, Poland. I was amazed by the knowledge of so young people! I had a chance to inform them about internships and job opportunities in the EU. They were especially interested in the subject of Erasmus+ students’ internships.

Meanwhile, I had a meeting with students from European Studies Students’ Scientific Association. We decided to work together on several projects. First of them, is my conference at the Catholic University of Lublin. It will be dedicated to students of European Studies. You can find details on our Facebook profiles:

EU Careers Lublin

Koło Naukowe Studentów Europeistyki EURO-KUL

Another great news: contact point has finally started! You can meet me for individual consultation on every Wednesday at Catholic University of Lublin. If you decide to come and discuss your career, please, let me know by sending an email

If you wish to be even more up-to-date with current Lublin issues, please follow this Facebook profile:

In case of any questions, feel free to contact me:

Natalia Wysocka

John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin



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