EU Careers Student Ambassador – October

Natalia Wysocka


Hi! My name is Natalia Wysocka and I have been chosen to take up the role of European Union Careers Student Ambassador, the very first one in the whole history of Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. At the beginning of academic year 2015/2016, along with students from European Studies Students’ Scientific Association, I embarked on promotion of EU institutions, internships and job opportunities. This column will be dedicated to my Ambassador’s activity. Once in a month I will present my „diary” so you can see closer how is it to work for the EU. I am extremely enthusiastic about our further cooperation, and you?

So, in October…

15th of October

Photo: Komisja Europejska w Polsce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Photo: Komisja Europejska w Polsce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Yes, we have finally started! Since that day, I can officially act as EU Careers Ambassador. After great session in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Commission in Warsaw, I have gained an extra boost of energy and motivation. What will come next? We find out soon.

23rd of October

My first, short live interview as EU Careers Ambassador in Polskie Radio Lublin.    My speaker, Ms. Agata Koss, turned out to be extremely curious about EPSO and our project. Then, I realized how many things I need to do to familiarize Polish society with the subject of European Union career.

27th of October

Job Fair at Catholic University of Lublin. There was a great number of students who were asking current opportunities of work and internships in EU. I think it is a result of an intensive Facebook campaign run in both of EU Careers Lublin and Career Office KUL profiles. I could discuss my further conferences and stands with students and see what is expected. Because of that, I gained the general overview of the issues I need to talk about in the future. I received an amazing support from Careers Office at the University and from Europe Direct in Lublin as well.

Photo: RODM, Biuro Karier KUL, Kurier Lubelski

Photo: RODM, Biuro Karier KUL, Kurier Lubelski


If you wish to be even more up-to-date with current Lublin issues, please follow this Facebook profile:

In case of any questions, feel free to contact me:

Natalia Wysocka

John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin



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