Poland vs European Union

Paulina Matwiej

            We are all aware what happened on 13th of November in France. Series of attacks caused great chaos and terror inside of France, but also influenced discussion inside European countries. How European Union should behave when thousands of immigrants are coming to Europe due to the war?

Polish strong objection

            Few days after terrorist attacks in Paris new Polish minister of European Affairs, Konrad Szymański, strongly presented future plans toward refugees. After changes in Polish government we were supposed to receive 6,5 thousands of them. The Minister admitted that he cannot see possibilities to fulfill quota system imposed by EU, according to which refugees would be divided among EU Member States. On the other hand, Witold Waszczykowski (present Chief of Diplomacy) tried to smooth things over and added that Poland will accept refugees quota system, only if a special safety standards on our borders will be introduced. Such objection can bring significant consequences and legal proceedings or, consequently, charge could be brought to the European Court of Justice. Austrian chancellor proposed that countries which resigned from acceptance of immigrants should be deprived of structural funds and special sanctions should be imposed. However, the European Union has not responded to this statement.

Polish Minister of European Affairs (Photo: Łukasz Cynalewski/ Agencja Gazeta)

Polish Minister of European Affairs (Photo: Łukasz Cynalewski/ Agencja Gazeta)


Criticism of Polish policy

            The strongest criticism toward this attitude came from President of European Parliament. Martin Schulz in ARD television, stated that Polish approach is at least unfair – when Poland feels threatened by Russia it asks for more funds and army, in such a case Europe is supportive. When Poland needs more funds from the European Union it gets them. In September (2015) special meeting of the Polish Parliament was held, during which Jarosław Kaczyński stated that German policy created great magnet on immigrants and this problem concerns only them. Response of EP President appeared immediately. In such situation the statement that problem of immigrants is only German concern should never appear. Solidarity is not a matter of looking for what is convenient.

Martin Schulz said:

But then you can’t come and say that the refugee problem is a German problem and we have nothing to do with it. Solidarity is a key question and (not subject to) cherry picking.

Strong answer of M. Błaszczak (present Minister of Interior and Administration of Poland):

(President) Schulz’s words are an example of German arrogance ,We’re talking in Warsaw, which was destroyed by Germans. In (Warsaw’s) Wola (district) 50,000 men, women and children were murdered by officers of the German state.

                        The President of the European Parliament in an interview for German television carried the statement that if Europe of nationalists wins, the Europe will be in their hands, not only in the matter of migration. Europe needs morale of solidarity, if it is necessary it will be imposed by using force. Does this statement shows that EU is desperate and has to impose solidarity of Member States?

Source: omon.pl

Immigration policy has been existing since the very beginning, but this time opposition has been strongly expressed by new Polish government. On the other hand new Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydło, agreed to welcome 7,000 of immigrants. This step can slightly remove bad attitude of EU institutions toward Poland. Is it end of political differences between Polish government and authorities of the EU? We will find out in the near future.



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