Next stop: John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin – European Studies! #3

It’s already the third post about studying European Studies at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL). This time we are to present the topic from the professor’s perspective. Check out what our professors: Anna Bysiecka-Maciaszek and Delaine Swenson want to tell you about European Studies at KUL!

Anna Bysiecka-Maciaszek, PhD

Anna Bysiecka-Maciaszek, PhD

Anna Bysiecka-Maciaszek, PhD

My name is Anna Bysiecka-Maciaszek and I am a lecturer at European Studies. I am in this programme from the very beginning and play an active part in its running. At the Institute we offer a wide range of courses in the field of European Studies – from more theoretical to practical ones, both in the area of humanistic and social studies as well as legislation and economy of the European Union. My courses provide students mainly with practical knowledge – linguistic and cultural in particular. I teach legal and business English, conduct lectures in Intercultural Communication and Cultural Aspects of European Integration and have a seminar in Migration and Identity. Since European Studies are popular with foreign students (also from the Erasmus Programme) every one can also get some practice after the classes, which I find especially attractive and encouraging for our prospective students.

European Studies are interdisciplinary studies that provide students with an opportunity to learn about the legal functioning of the European Union and familiarize themselves with the history, culture, politics and economy of its member states. Since the studies are conducted in English, we give a lot of attention to language courses (such as English for law and business or English for Academic Purposes), which not only help students benefit from the studies but, most of all, raise their possibility of getting an interesting internship abroad and have a better job after graduating from our university. The students can benefit from our cooperation with different institutions and serve an apprenticeship in the European Parliament, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other nongovernmental organizations. The skills which they acquire during their studies at KUL are indispensable on today’s internationalized labour market. I believe that with their knowledge, practical skills and experience each European Studies student can say: “The world is my oyster!”

Delaine R. Swenson, J.D.


Delaine R. Swenson, J.D.

Delaine R. Swenson, J.D.

 As an American lawyer and law professor who lives and works in Europe I am often asked a lot of questions about being in Europe verses being in America. My answer normally highlights the advantages to an American of the experience of living and working in a different culture. In a similar way I would recommend to interested students the opportunity to study European Studies at KUL.

European Studies offer several important advantages to students who want to graduate with knowledge and skills that they will find useful in a variety of eventual careers. First among these is the variety of studies in the program. With a multi-disciplinary approach that has studies in history, sociology, political science, economics and the law among others; graduates of the program have a broad based education. The diversity of professors, teaching styles and methods is also a strength of the program. In addition, through the selection of electives the students have the chance to learn more in their own areas of interest.

 Beyond the classroom experience European Studies have a large variety of opportunities to develop their skills before graduation, from social events, to professional and skills development, project planning and implementation, internships and public service opportunities. These important live skills are an integral part of the KUL European Studies experience and will be invaluable to the future careers of the students.

 As someone who has made hundreds of hiring decisions over the years it is precisely this breath of education and practical training, combined with language development that I look for in a good employee. Like an American who learns, lives and develops in Europe, others can learn, live and develop in European Studies at KUL.


For more information on European Studies at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin please visit:,24210.html

BA in European Studies:,art_28136.html

MA in European Studies:,art_28137.html

Admission for the year 2015/2016:,art_34687.html



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