Press Review #3

Emil Wojtaluk


Welcome to our third Press Review, this time it will cover the last two weeks and only EU Observer news. Recently, one of dominating topics is the creation of a new College of Commissioners. Widely commented event was a rejection of Slovenian nominee for the post of commissioner and finally accepting a new one by the President of the European Commission. Now is the time for the last hearings before the European Parliament.


EU enlargement heading into chilly period (EUobserver)

There is more skepticism in the enlargement of Western Balkans, EU is not recommending any further steps in the next 12 months. This region seems to be still too much filled with tensions and that is why the enlargement process is not so easy there. At the same time the European Commission seems to search for new instruments in talks with Turkey. What we know now is a quotations from Jean-Claude Juncker that “there will be no new EU countries during his term of office”. Here’s the full text:

Freedom of expression complicates EU law on ‚right to be forgotten’ (EUobserver)

The so-called “right to be forgotten” raised a lot of concerns among EU member states. On the one hand it gives us a new right, but on the other it can be a threat to freedom of expression and information. Check it here:

Ministers publish mandate for US trade talks (EUobserver)

The EU-US trade deal enters into another phase. EU governments have given the negotiation mandate for the European Commission to conduct talks on the free trade deal in June 2013 but published the official documents just recently. It was done so to avoid secrecy allegations – that the agreement is being made out of public. EU is optimistic that the negotiations will be finished before the end of 2015. For more on the current status of negotiations click here:

Juncker approves new Slovenian commissioner (EUobserver)

Slovenia is in trouble after rejection of Alenka Bratusek, who nominated herself to be the next commissioner. Her hearing at the European Parliament was so terrible that MEP’s rejected her without any doubts. Now Slovenian PM nominated Violeta Bulc – known mostly as businesswoman. Jean-Claude Juncker is satisfied but we are curious if she will “survive” the hearings at the European Parliament. Read the news here:

Farage’s eurosceptic EP group falls apart (EUobserver)

Nigel Farage, declared as strong eurosceptic is having significant problems. Today’s morning Latvian MEP, Iveta Grigule resigned from Europe for Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) which led to the break-up of Farage’s faction. To have your own EP group it is required to have 25 MEP’s from at least 7 countries, currently Nigel Farage has 24 members in his group – unfortunately for him. As a consequence he will also lose a lot of funding allocated for political groups. Read a full commentary:

Belgian government under fire in its first week (EUobserver)

Charles Michel is holding the office of Prime Minister of Belgium since a week, but he already has to fight with allegations over his new ministers. The issue is about justifying collaboration with the Nazis. Just read the full context:

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