EU top jobs- taken!

Ewa Krakowska

           Elected. The European Council has elected PM Donald Tusk as the next President of the European Council & Euro Summits

                                                                                                          Herman Van Rompuy

Finally, all speculations around candidates for most prestigious EU posts can be stopped. Decisions were made during last EU summit on Saturday. The honour to be the President of European Council got Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk who was earlier a nominee along with Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt and former Latvian PM Valdis Dombrovskis. The job which was previously connected with the name of Radosław Sikorski, namely High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy is now in the hands of Italian FM Federica Mogherini. It is said that Donald Tusk’s candidacy was accepted unanimously. Selection of Federica Mogherini as new foreign relations chief was earlier a matter of strong discussion which finally ended up as a consensus.

/Agencja SE/East News

/Agencja SE/East News

It is probably good to mention what this election really means. We can read in  Article 15 (6) of the Treaty on the European Union, the President of the European Council has the following, main tasks to fulfil: chairing  summits and drives forward its work and ensuring the preparation and continuity of the work of the European Council in cooperation with the President of the Commission. He also endeavours to facilitate cohesion and consensus within the European Council and presents a report to the European Parliament after each of the meetings of the European Council.

We hope that Donald Tusk will contribute to even better functioning of the most important EU body.


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