Press Review #2

Emil Wojtaluk

We invite our readers to see the second Press Review after holiday break. This time I will focus mainly on recent weeks. Having in mind constantly changing situation in Ukraine I focused only on some of the aspects. Since the last press review a lot has happened, including MH17 crash and as follows EU and US sanctions targeted on Russia. The time will show what will happen next. More extended opinion on it from us will appear soon. These are few things that dominated EU political agenda last days and weeks…


Lithuanian FM: Ukraine will not attack Russian convoy ( EUobserver):

Linas Linkevicius has visited Ukraine where he met with President Poroshenko and Pavlo Klimkin( Ukrainian FM). As he stated: despite “illegal” and “provocative” nature of the Russian convoy Ukraine is not interested to complicate this situation any further and won’t attack the “aid” convoy. Linkevisius thinks that there is no real chance for any diplomatic solution, he also named Russian actions as a breach of international law. He is very much in favor of clear condemnation of Russian actions by the UN Security Council immediately. See it here:

Poland demands WTO challenge over Russia food ban (EUobserver):

Another article, this time it’s connected with the results of reverse sanctions from Russia imposed on EU. The issue concerns a ban on food and vegetables. Poland has made an official request that the EU should take actions against Russia before the World Trade Organization to overturn the sanctions. A written request has been sent on Tuesday, August 19. According to the presented data the value of Poland’s trade with Russia last year was 1 billion €. Poland will be for sure one of the countries hit hardest by the ban, if not the most. The only measure that WTO has is to impose fines for breaches of trade rules. For more info check it here:

Sanctions Will Hurt Russia’s Rearmament Plans (

The article presents detailed data on why Russia’s rearmament plans may not be realized in time, the deadline is 2020. Check it here how the sanctions imposed by USA, EU, Australia and Japan will affect Russian defense industry:

Sikorski Candidate for EU Foreign Policy Chief (

On 31st of July Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk has announced the official candidature of Polish FM, Radosław Sikorski for the position of High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. For some member states politicians he is too “strong” towards Russa, for some too soft. Do you think he has a real chance to take this office? It will be decided on 30th of August, last EU summit didn’t bring any solution due to strong opposition toward Italian FM. This is how sees this:

NATO’s Second-Class Members (New York Times):

An article from opinion writer, Sławomir Sierakowski on the importance of Baltic States for the NATO alliance. In his opinion those countries without any NATO bases are second-class members who, in case of aggression would wait for any moves from their allies for weeks or months. He strongly believe, the presence of such bases in Poland and Baltic States is necessary. You can read this interesting article here:

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