High Level EU Meeting – supporting Ukrainian reforms

Emil Wojtaluk

An important high priority meeting about Ukraine took place on July 8. It’s enough to say that representatives of all members states of the EU participated in this talks plus international organizations, international financial institutions or NGOs. The high-level coordination meeting in Brussels was the idea expressed during G7 summit on June 5. Ukraine was represented by its Vice Prime Minister, Volodymyr Groysman. Meeting has started with the address of European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy, Štefan Füle.

Reforming Ukraine

The main goal was to create appropriate measures to support economic and political stabilization of this country. Everything in connection with future accession to the European Union especially signing another part of the Association Agreement about Free Trade Area on 27 June this year. It cannot be achieved without outside help. To effectively deliver economic assistance, International Donor Coordination platform have to be created.

The meeting itself was a great opportunity to discuss short and long-term plameeting-roundtablens of donors for Ukraine, including the EU. It is also important to develop the best possible mechanisms for coordinating donors’ assistance (EU and outside donors). Ukraine presented the Economic Recovery and Growth Agenda 2014-2016 that includes assessment of needs for reconstruction and key priorities of growth recovery to stabilize the economy.

Assistance details and the future

Both international organizations and donors understand how important is newly signed Association Agreement with the EU, especially Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (AA/DCFTA). To make it easier for entry into force of the Association Agreement the so called Association Agenda has to be also properly exercised. Ukraine made the reform agenda for central authority to take care of the implementation of AA/DCFTA. What Ukrainian side also underlined are needs for financial and technical assistance which will lead to stabilize South-Eastern part of the country. Ukrainian representatives expressed their needs which in particular are: strengthening of the state border, ensuring addressing the urgent needs of internally displaced persons, post-conflict rehabilitation program for Donbas region, creation of a Guarantee Fund.

A special coordinating platform of assistance will ensure proper allocation of funds, The Support Group for Ukraine in the European Commission will help in coordination and efficient implementation of international support. Reforms in Ukraine will be based on European Agenda for Reform. Donors’ and Investors’ Conference is planned to be held in autumn 2014. The conference will contribute to creation of Ukrainian reform strategy. All of this will lead to prepare an extended Economic Recovery and Growth Agenda 2014-2016. Funds necessary to complete the priority tasks will be jointly estimated with Ukrainian government and the EU. It is worth adding that all parties positively reacted to growing international support for Ukraine.


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