Press Review #1

Emil Wojtaluk


A brand new series on EUROpens BLOG has just started. I’m Emil Wojtaluk and I’ll be preparing summaries of internet publications for you, focusing on most relevant information concerning EU in world media. My intention is to encourage you to read international press. If you don’t have enough of free time to search for articles alone you’ve come to the right place. I hope you will like it!


  •  Slovenia’s convicted ex-PM: down but refusing to be out (EUobserver)

An akward situation from Slovenia. Former Prime Minister of this country sentenced for two years in prison for taking bribes but still wants to lead his party. 13th of July is a day for earlier parliamentary elections in Slovenia and Janez Jansa(ex-PM) wants to run for a seat. But he got a court order to go to prison on 20th of June. Slovenia has a problem because its laws do not have any measures in such situations. So despite being in prison Mr Jansa can become a prime minister and run for a seat in national parliament. At least strange, don’t you think? For more on this topic please visit EUobserver:

  • EU and US voice concern on reports of Russian tanks in Ukraine (EUobserver)

Another disturbing news from Ukraine and looks like Russians wants to destabilize this region further. Tanks and artillery crossed Ukrainian border on 12th of June. These tanks and other military equipment are being used by Ukrainian rebels. A suggestion is that Russia wants to escalate the conflict because Ukraine and EU will sign a free trade treaty on 27th of June which excludes a possibility for Ukraine to became a member of Eurasian Union promoted by Russia. What’s next? Well, nothing new than threats about economic sanctions possible to impose on Russia which are not changing anything. Ukraine won’t be the only country to sign a trade deal with EU, they will do it along with Georgia and Moldova. And speaking about the last indicated country, Moldova is now being threatened of trade sanctions from Russia if it signs the agreement with European Union. Not surprising looking on Russian policy last months… Check out a full article here:


  • The eurozone’s unemployment crisis: Winners and losers (

Ivanna Kottasovaa from CNN has prepared an interesting interactive map, showing “winners and losers” of economic crisis in the eurozone. Which countries suffered the most and which of them remained untouched by a crisis? I’ll leave that to you, you can find it here:


  • Opinion: World is not ready for Google ‚right to be forgotten’ decision (

This opinion concerns a case which was described on EUROpens by our editor Kamil: .

According to Jodie Ginsberg, CJEU decision is very unclear and leaves too much space for private corporations. A problem that she indicated is that these new laws leaves a decision on what information is considered as “irrelevant, outdated or otherwise inappropriate” to private corporations holding search engines. What is public interest or not is up to private bodies which is not a good decision. There’s also a problem with legal oversight of appeal process. For full opinion please visit:

  • We need a ‚right to be forgotten’ online (

Second Opinion on the same CJEU ruling as above, this time positive one by Marc Randazza. His main point concerns old information that with time can become “problematic” for people. Author compares United States and Europe, praising this new and very important decision wishing it could be binding in the US. A full opinion here:

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