Why Poles do not want to be in euro zone?

Joanna Górska

Euro zone – what is this? It is an area of common currency – euro which exist in 17 countries of the European Union.

Under the terms of the Treaty of Accession 2003, all new Member States „shall participate in the Economic and Monetary Union from the date of Accession as a Member State with a derogation”, which means that Poland is obliged to introduce the euro, which will replace its current currency – Złoty.

Now there is a question, are Poles for or against euro currency? To make an opinion we have to base on researches carried out by research center CBOS (Centrum Badania Opinii Społecznej). In 2009 some datas showed that the amount of followers were balanced between 47% – 54%. Before accession Poland to European Union there was more supporters of european integration than supporters of common currency. The last researchers from 2011 shows how public opinion was changing between 2002 and 2011. Amount of opponents increased by 24 % and amount of supporters decreased by 22%.

Why these datas changed drastically? In 2002 was the beginning of Euro zone. This currency was for all citizens of EU something new, for Poles too. In 2002 euro was stable currency. Now the policy of euro currency is not right lead. That’s why is crisis now.

The most popular opinion of being against Euro currency – increasing the price of goods. A lot of them think that the finantial situation of menage will get worse and worse. Of course the prices may be higher, but not the same like in West. Some goods in West have become cheaper, because of lower prices at the East. After accession Euro currency, citizens of Euroland said that there is not big difference in home budged like before eliminating national currency.

The euro area should have prevented to political conflicts and should have become a basis for further integration in Europe, but the current financial crisis revealed the shortcomings of this monetary union. Crisis from 2008 is a reason of a beginning of trust national currency. Crisis in Spain and Greece could scare Polish citizens. Euro currency may be a reason of destroying our policy and national economy. Now Polish „Złoty” is a stable currency. During the reading some opinions in phorum I can say that some citizens says that euro is e.g. pointless, unnecessary, brings more harm than good.

To summarize we can say that Poles feel a fear of crisis which can exist in Poland after accession of Poland to Euro zone.



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