What is next between EU and USA

Katarzyna Sosnowska

It’s been almost a month since Barack Obama won the election for the position of the President of United States. Representatives of authorities of the European Union congratulated Barack Obama on the  presidential elections victory in the USA. They also expressed hope that the EU and America will strengthen cooperation and together will face the global challenges. But apart from big words in official congratulations all of them were aware that there will be no substantial changes in the foreign policy of USA.

Among European politicians Obama is regarded as not interested in making  traditional axis United States – Europe, since he believes that the most important centers of future power are in China and India. Obama’s first term of office was disappointing, but current one again won’t be simple, since there are many unsolved problems in front of re-elected president (like for example Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the atomic program of Iran). What is interesting, still almost 70% of Europeans would vote in favor of Obama (according to German Marshall Fund’s survey). That may seem strange taking into account the fact that during his previous term of office the theme of Europe was rather avoided. The same was during the election campaign. Both candidates paid more attention to Asia, therefore there was no place for European matters.

There are a few ways to explain that matter. Firstly there is a common belief that Americans concentrate on the problematic matters so relationships with Europe do not classify as such. The other opinion (supported by Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Affairs in Polish parliament) propagates the way of thinking that as long as America does not deal with its crisis, one should not await for crucial changes in the strategy of global proceedings.

Van Rompuy and Barroso announced that the cooperation between USA and EU should concern „unlocking the potential of the transatlantic market” . It’s obvious that euro crisis can influence also economy of States so the fight against the crisis is a priority. Moreover, Barroso reminded that stimulating the growth in the economy and creating places of employment remained the priority of both European Union and America.

To sum up, Europe accepted the another election Barack Obama for the office of the president of USA with satisfaction. However these emotions have a little in common to euphoria which ruled after his first victory four years ago. In my opinion it happened because right now he was not perceived as a kind of savior (like he was portrayed during first election campaign in States). Europeans have learnt the lesson of experience of the first term of office of Obama are looking rationally to his attitude to Europe now. They more or less know that the US’ foreign activity for next four years  will probably take part outside the Old Continent.


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